8 Autumn Flowers to Plant in Your Garden for Curb Appeal

Dated: 10/10/2018

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Curb appeal is important no matter what month or season it is.  And, with autumn’s browning foliage and clutter of leaves, home sellers are mindful of making a good first impression.  So, how would one spruce up the autumn yard?  Here are seven autumn flowers to plant in your garden that can add drawing power to your home’s exterior.

Goldenrod.  Beautiful with its yellow florets, goldenrod is the quintessential autumn flower.  Cuttings can be made to place in vases inside the home so that the home interior can be brightened up with vibrancy as well.  Interestingly, it was previously thought that goldenrod aggravated allergies, but that myth has been debunked by the fact that its pollen is too heavy to be carried by the wind.

Russian Sage.  Purple and lavender in hue, Russian sage is a delight to see as it blooms in the garden and front yard, especially as ground cover.  It is known to be hardy and tough as nails, thriving in dry soil as a drought-resistant plant.  Plus, the scent it wafts into the air is rather heavenly and welcoming in autumn.  

Sedum.  This is another hardy perennial flower that blooms in autumn.  Its flower buds begin as chartreus then deepens into a copper-bronze blush, eventually becoming chestnut and burnt burgundy in hue to complement the autumn foliage of the trees.  Spring and summer pruning of sedum can encourage the plant’s growth as well as a late flowering so that it blossoms lingers longer in the autumn season.  And, as good fortune would have it, both sedum and Russian sage are compatible with one another in the garden as companion plants, especially for xeriscaping purposes.

Anise Hyssop.  Elegant and drought-tolerant, the anise hyssop is a lovely blossom to behold.  It is lavender-blue-indigo in hue, with a nectar that both hummingbirds and butterflies find irresistible.  Its scent has been described as “ranging from licorice to bubblegum” – imagine the aromatic curb appeal the anise hyssop would add to your home.  Meanwhile, its florets are edible, often eaten as a charming aromatic addition to any salads, jellies, and herbal teas.  What’s more, its seeds have been added to pastries and other baked goods.  As autumn flowers go, anise hyssop makes a compatible companion autumn flower plant for goldenrod.  

Sweet Autumn Clematis.  For those who want examples of prolific autumn flowers, look no further than the sweet autumn clematis.  This late-blooming vining flower is a gorgeous, billowy sight when properly maintained with pruning.  It can cover fences, sheds, and walls in a refreshingly fragrant way. 

Balloon Flower.  Are you in the market for intriguing autumn flowers?  If so, consider the star-shaped balloon flower.  This blossom is virtually pest free.  The reason for its name is due to its whimsical balloon-like buds that burst open into star-shaped blossoms.  Known for being long-lived autumn flowers, the balloon flower is a favorite for edging borders and for use in containers and window boxes to enhance a home’s outdoor appearance.

Beautyberry.  This is a fast grower that has cascading lavender-hued berries with lilac-like flowers – and, in the autumn, these are accented by yellow foliage.  Beginning gardeners adore the beautyberry because it is drought-tolerant, does not require fertilizer nor pruning, and is virtually unharmed by diseases or pests.  With its low maintenance qualities, the beautyberry is generally known to be problem free.

Lilyturf.  This is a tough plant often seen edging pathways or being groundcover beneath trees and shrubs.  The Lilyturf features indigo-lavender bell-shaped flowers that resemble grape hyacinth.  One of the great things about the lilyturf is that it causes little to no allergies.

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